Case Studies

The following are examples of projects I have designed.

OLS Screen Design

OLS Redesign

The Court offers online services that allow attorneys and litigants to schedule hearings and upload documents. This system is vital to the functioning of the court and administering justice.

Jacques’ Journal

Jacques’ Journal is a mobile application which allows scuba divers to log information about their dives directly to their phones.

The Choral Secretary

Volunteer choirs have a need to track information about their members. This includes contact information, participation information such as attendance and music and ticket distribution.

The proposed app would allow members to set up an account that they maintain and allow access to the information based on role. It would give members the ability to pay their fees online as well as download their music.

Kiosk for Zoom Hearings

This design is implemented on kiosks which allow visitors within the courthouse to view hearings – where they were not permitted to enter the courtroom – from kiosks in the lobby.

Form Request App

This is a redesign of an internal desktop application.